50 Voyager Drive Swindon SN25 2JG

Refresher Courses

  1. Return To Driving
  2. Those who have not driven for a long while (sometimes many years), and feel a refresher course will give them a confident boost to once again, get behind their wheel. Also ideal for those who have passed their driving test and have not driven since.

  3. Returning to the UK
  4. Those who have not driven in the uk for a while after leaving abroad or those who have come to the uk and are not familiar with the uk roads and want to invest time in getting back up to speed with driving in the uk.

  5. Post Accident
  6. Those who have lost their confidence following a road traffic accident, and need to get back on the roads again.

  7. Nervous Drivers
  8. For drivers that suffer from nerves when driving on various roads (mostly rural roads and/or motorways) and feel a refresher session will help them give them back their much desired confidence.