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Pass Plus Training

    What is Pass Plus?
  1. Pass plus is a practical training course that takes a minimum of 6 hours to complete and is designed for drivers to improve their skills.
  2. Only a fully qualified driving instructor can deliver the course and they must be registered to do so with the DVSA.
  3. Pass Plus consists of 6 modules, each of them designed to give the driver experience driving:
Towns and City Centre Driving

Candidates are taught to increase their attentiveness, making you as confident as possible. You will be taught to navigate through difficult junctions, multi-lane junctions, trams, buses and cycle lanes and under and overpasses.

All Weather Driving
This module helps candidates understand how varying weather conditions can affect a car and how to tackle any and every type of condition from extreme rain to snow to a hazy fog. You will also perfect your skills in preventing skids, aquaplanning, correcting slow speed skids and braking on low quality surfaces.

Rural Driving
Driving in the countryside has its perks, these include the risk of blind bends and brows and challenging overtaking. During trips on rural roads, you are likely to tackle horse riders, pedestrians, cyclists on the side of the road, farm and building entrances, more frequent use of the horn, safe passing places, road debris, and livestock and wild animals. Ideally, you’ll learn how to improve on your skills of foresight to predict a potential danger before it occurs.

Night Driving
This module is designed to boost the candidates confidence of getting used to night-time dazzle and distractions, plus judging distance and manoeuvring in the dark. It also helps with adjusting to the different light levels, and how to correctly use headlights. The skill of driving in the dark is a great help and extremely useful especially as it’s something you’ve got to get used to anyways.

Dual Carriageway Driving
Driving on dual carriageways shouldn’t be a new concept for you as you would’ve already driven on one in your regular lessons, this module focuses on mastering the obstructions present in driving on dual carriageways such as making appropriate and effective observations, judgement of distance, overtaking and lane discipline, and joining and leaving the carriageway.

Motorway Driving
Motorway driving is the most intimidating module. Your instructor may have taken you on the motorway during your regular lessons although a majority of student don’t have the opportunity to while learning. You will learn how to set safe speeds in different circumstances, deal with motorway fatigue, cope with debris and crosswinds, follow signs, signals and markings and improve your observance and alertness of the road.

What Are The Benefits Of Pass Plus?
  • Boost in confidence.
  • Gain new skills.
  • Save money on car insurance.
  • More experience.
  • ​Become a safer driver.

Is there a test at the end of Pass Plus?

There isn't a test at the end of the course. Your instructor will be assessing you throughout the course and will be completing a training report form. In order to pass, you'll need to reach the required standard in each module.