50 Voyager Drive Swindon SN25 2JG

Automatic Driving Lessons Swindon

  1. If you find learning to drive an ordeal or are a naturally nervous driver then learning in an automatic is highly recommended. Over the years we have had a great deal of success in guiding such pupils to driving test success.

    Why take automatic driving lessons

    There are many advantages with taking automatic driving lessons. You can learn to drive more quickly and with less driving stress than manual car driving lessons. You also have more time to concentrate on the road and less time worrying about changing gears. Modern automatic car are more reliable and fuel efficient nowadays. A wide choice of automatic cars are also available with both petrol and diesel engines.

    Automatic driving lessons are ideal if you have taken manual driving lessons before but could not grasp the concept of learning the gears. Learning to drive with automatic driving lessons is much easier. If you are just looking for a quick simple way to get on the road safely automatic driving lessons can help you achieve your goal. Automatic cars can also help people with disabilities or long term injuries gain the freedom of driving.

    The automatic driving test

    The structure of the automatic driving test is much the same as a manual driving test. After you pass your driving test in an automatic car you will only permitted to drive automatic cars afterwards. If you wish to drive a manual car you will need some manual driving lessons and take another driving test in a manual car. But with the advantages of automatic driving learning to driving in a manual car may not be necessary anyway. Enjoy less stressed driving with automatic driving lessons.

  2. Automatic 1 hour lesson